10 Most Dangerous Manufacturing Jobs

The manufacturing industry employs millions of workers each year. While many of these workers enjoy a safe work environment, others suffer serious workplace injuries. The reality is the manufacturing industry is dangerous, and if employers aren’t following federal safety guidelines, workers will get hurt. When workers do get hurt, the Houston manufacturing accident attorneys at Adame Garza LLP can help.

Forklift Accident
Forklift Accident

Manufacturing jobs are often the most dangerous jobs because of the products and machinery used in the processes. However, some types of manufacturing are more dangerous than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) these 10 types of manufacturing jobs account for the most injuries to workers:

  1. Fabricated Metal Products – Fabricated metal is any piece of metal that needs to be shaped. Workers use forging, stamping, bending, and other processes to shape metal. In order to do this, the metal needs to be heated to a very high temperature and workers often require powerful machines to do the work.
  2. Food – The road from the farm to the table is a long one for the vast majority of food. The processes involved in preparing, preserving, packaging, and transportation utilize chemicals and machinery that can be dangerous for workers.
  3. Transportation Equipment – For any type of transportation – like cars, trucks, buses, airplanes and ships – the process of making the parts and putting them together is no easy task. Workers must fabricate metal, plastic, and other components of all sizes.
  4. Machinery – Machinery manufacturing is similar to fabricating metal, but often the fabrication is of smaller parts like gears and has complex assembly.
  5. Plastics and Rubber – Plastics and rubber are used in a wide variety of products. To produce these products, workers use high temperatures and heavy machinery to form shapes.
  6. Wood Products – Manufacturing wood products involves using sharp cutting machines to carve the wood into the desired shape. Wood products are also sometimes treated with chemicals to achieve a desired color.
  7. Primary Metals – The process of taking metal ore and transforming it into a usable piece of metal requires incredibly hot furnaces and smelters. Workers are at an increased risk of heat related injuries.
  8. Nonmetallic Minerals – Creating products like concrete, clay, glass, and cement requires taking nonmetallic minerals like sand and gravel and subjecting them to heat. Chemicals are also often used to affect composition.
  9. Chemical – The chemical industry produces thousands of chemicals by complex processes. All types of hazards – like extreme heat, dangerous machinery, and exposure to toxic substances – are present for workers.
  10. Furniture – Furniture manufacturing is dangerous because workers use a wide variety of materials and processes. Dangerous tools, toxic chemicals, and heavy machinery are some of the most common threats to workplace safety.

Houston Manufacturing Accident Attorneys

Regardless of the type of job or industry, all employers are required to provide reasonably safe workplaces for their employees. If you were injured in a manufacturing accident, contact the Houston work accident attorneys at Adame Garza today. We can help you understand your legal options and seek compensation on your behalf.