Workplace Fatalities

Amazon Quietly Fires 3 Major Delivery Firms Following Workplace Fatalities

Many associate Amazon with the idea of a successful growing company that provides goods and convenience to consumers. The idea of a dangerous workplace might not necessarily cross your mind, but it should. According to recent reports, Amazon abruptly fired three major delivery firms it regularly worked with following workplace fatalities. This silent and sudden decision raised questions as to why the company would do such a thing, especially with how quickly the retailer continues to grow.

The report revealed that by canceling the contracts, more than 2,000 people will be put out of work. The retailer cut ties with Inpax Solutions, which will lay off 925 employees by early December, Sheard-Loman Transport, which will be firing roughly 200 employees in three different states, and Letter Ride LLC, which will lay off 897 delivery drivers and employees. Why did such a rash decision come about when it is clear Amazon still needs these services, especially as the holiday season nears?

Amazon Delivery Dangers

The hasty contract cancellations came after recent inquiries into mistreatment and dangers Amazon delivery workers were facing. Buzzfeed News and ProPublica have been investigating claims of intense financial and deadline pressure the behemoth puts on its delivery contractors. This, in turn, impacted both delivery drivers and employees who were constantly rushed, overworked, and/or unsupported in regards to their safety and well-being.

The investigation also revealed that in the past few years, delivery drivers have been involved in more than 60 serious accidents, sustaining injuries themselves, and/or harming other drivers and pedestrians. At least ten Amazon-related roadway accidents resulted in fatalities. Drivers claim these accidents happen in large part because of intense pressure to complete their jobs in a quick manner. Some of these accidents have even led to lawsuits, leaving the contractors to deal with the problem.

Workplace Fatality Help

With regard to its delivery services, Amazon doesn’t seem to prioritize the health and safety of its workers or pedestrians and consumers. Furthermore, by outsourcing its delivery services to contractors, Amazon can avoid any responsibility for injuries or fatalities that happen while these transportation contractors deliver its products. Now, workers and community members are demanding Amazon prioritize safety, especially its transportation network.

All employers are responsible for providing a safe and secure work environment for their workers.  Unfortunately, many companies ignore this and skimp out on safety trainings or disregard working conditions in order to ensure work is completed quickly, whether it’s dangerous or not. If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident, contact Adame Garza LLP today to learn how we can help.