Types of High Impact Car Accident Injuries
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Types of High Impact Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes happen at a variety of speeds and cause a wide range of injuries. High impact car accidents are often the result of vehicles crashing at high speeds. When two vehicles collide at high speed, or a stopped vehicle is hit by a vehicle traveling at high speed, the injuries are often incredibly severe […]

Houston Fatal Car Accident Lawyer
Vehicle Accidents

Fatal Car Accidents in Houston

Houston is known for being one of the most dangerous places to drive in Texas. With an average of 640 people dying on Houston-area roads each year, it makes the region by far the deadliest in the country to drive in. The Houston Chronicle recently analyzed fatal car accidents to identify any common factors causing […]

New Car Repair | Car Accident Attorneys
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Why You Might Need a New Car Repair

Buying a new car can be an exciting and fun experience. You want to drive it all around town and show it off to friends and family. But that excitement may be dampened when you find out something may already be wrong with your brand new car.  Before cars are sent out into car dealership […]