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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Road trips are synonymous with summertime and open roads. We are currently living through a global pandemic, a national economic downturn, and a plethora of uncertainties. As such, the quintessential American road trip is more attractive than ever for those who have been cooped inside their homes for the last four months. Whether it’s driving […]

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Car Accidents

Road Collision Fatalities Vary by Car Size

Several factors play into the severity of an auto accident. Variables such as the rate of speed a car was traveling and the size and weight of the vehicles involved vastly impact the ability of a vehicle to sustain an impact and protect its passengers. While drivers may prefer a particular vehicle size for many […]

Car Accidents

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving

According to the Pew Research Center, over 90% of adults own a cell phone, and unfortunately, some of these people use their cell phones while driving. While any distraction while driving is dangerous, cell phone use while driving presents unique risks to drivers and surrounding motorists. How Are Drivers Using Their Cell Phones? With advances […]

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Car Accidents

Texas Teen Dies After Car Surfing Incident at School

Certain behaviors of high school and even college students, though dangerous, are often labeled as a rite of passage. Though these instances are often dangerous, many young students see them as a way to prove themselves to their peers. Unfortunately, however, immature actions can often in bodily injury or even death. One Texas teen recently […]