Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuits in Texas
Truck Accidents

What You Should Know About Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuits In Texas

Plaintiffs of commercial truck accidents appropriately seek justice to recover financially from their injuries, but also to ensure trucking companies and drivers implement safety efforts. Recent legislative reforms are aimed at reducing insurance payouts in semi-truck accident lawsuits. Despite these efforts, it is still unknown how new legislation will affect the outcome of cases. Trucking […]

how many accidents are caused by semi trucks?
Truck Accidents

How Many Accidents are Caused by Semi Trucks?

Every day, Houston drivers share the road with large semi trucks transporting cargo across Texas. These trucks, while essential to the state’s infrastructure, are consistently causing more accidents year after year. Approximately 500,000 semi truck accidents occur in the United States each year. These accidents are much more dangerous for smaller passenger vehicles when compared […]