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Keeping Construction Zones Safe for All Workers

The construction industry quite literally builds and shapes society’s landscape, from housing to retail, creating space for thriving industries that provide jobs and means of livelihood for others. Without the construction industry and its workers, life as we know it would not exist. Given the critical part construction plays in a modern, developing society, safety within the construction field is greatly lacking with disproportionate worker injuries and deaths in relation to the roles workers fill in their communities. Through the implementation of the following work zone safety practices, the construction industry’s associated health and safety risks could be reduced, leading to fewer fatal construction zone accidents and fewer serious injuries on the job.

Train Everyone On The Job Site

Contract workers or individuals not permanently employed by a business fill nearly one out of every five jobs across the country. This means independent contractors with varying skills and knowledge man a large portion of our nation’s workforce. Contractors are valuable resources that can provide niche skills at competitive prices; however, this type of workforce comes with its own setbacks. Because contractors are third parties hired for job-specific labor, the contract workforce does not necessarily have the same level of rigorous health and safety training other workers may be required to undergo. While contractors can present a less expensive labor option, using them should compromise the health and safety of construction workers and contract worker safety should be just as important as that of employees. Employers and operators can improve the workplace by implementing and enforcing a thorough health and safety training program required for all construction zone workers. This helps ensure all workers – regardless of how they are hired or paid – are aware of job site dangers and correct safety procedures.

Address Safety In Employment Contracts

Employers and businesses can take an additional step to ensure the safety of all workers by outlining health and safety protocols and regulations in employment contracts. By clearly outlining safety requirements – such as training schedules, use of personal protective equipment, use of cellphones, driving regulations, no tolerance policies, and more – employers establish formal guidelines for all who enter a worksite.

Conduct Regular Safety Audits

The truth is, without regular health and safety audits, efforts to reduce workplace hazards and will eventually fall short. In order to gauge the effectiveness of existing protocols, employers must regularly audit the workplace environment, including workforce training as well as inspection of equipment, materials, and vehicles utilized on a regular basis. This can include inspecting the premises to ensure workers are wearing necessary personal protective equipment, ensuring safety notices and associated signage are displayed and visible throughout a construction zone, as well as auditing safety incident reports and following up on past incidents to plan for a safer future.

Conduct Routine Maintenance

Employers must conduct regular and routine maintenance of work facilities. Employers fail workers and put lives in danger when they bypass needed maintenance and inspection of equipment, premises, vehicles, and other items or environments workers are exposed to when performing daily job duties. Inspections and maintenance can be costly both in time and money; however, these are small prices to pay to ensure workers return home safely at the end of each day. When equipment, materials, and vehicles go without necessary maintenance for extended periods of time, the chances of malfunction increase and workers are at an increased risk of becoming injured or killed as a result.

Houston Workplace Accident Attorneys

Regardless of industry, all employees have the right to a workplace free of hazards and immediate dangers. Construction workers unfortunately face daily dangers due to the negligence of companies that choose to maximize profits over increasing work safety. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a Houston workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the personal injury attorneys of Adame Garza today to discuss your case at no cost. There is limited time to act following a work accident in Texas, so don’t delay.