Workplace Accidents

Defective Tools in the Workplace

Regardless of the industry that people work in, there are hazards they have to deal with every day, especially when workers use tools and machines as part of their job. Those hazards are exacerbated, however, when workers have to deal with defective tools and workplace equipment, which can turn even the most basic everyday work […]

Person looking at map on road trip.
Car Accidents

Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Road trips are synonymous with summertime and open roads. We are currently living through a global pandemic, a national economic downturn, and a plethora of uncertainties. As such, the quintessential American road trip is more attractive than ever for those who have been cooped inside their homes for the last four months. Whether it’s driving […]

Worker driving forklift
Workplace Accidents

Six Forklift Safety Tips Every Worker Should Know

Workers across a variety of occupations heavily rely on the power of forklifts to assist and complete day-to-day job duties. When operated correctly and regularly maintained and inspected, forklifts can be beneficial to workers with their ability to lift and move heavy items over distances. Unfortunately, heavy machinery in many warehouses, jobsites, and fabrication shops […]