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Why You Might Need a New Car Repair

Buying a new car can be an exciting and fun experience. You want to drive it all around town and show it off to friends and family. But that excitement may be dampened when you find out something may already be wrong with your brand new car.  Before cars are sent out into car dealership […]

houston pothole damage
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How to Deal with Houston Pothole Damage

We all know the feeling – you just drove over a pothole that was deeper than you expected and your tires made that tell-tale noise that makes you cringe and panic wondering if you now have a flat. With non-stop traffic on old roads, crazy weather, and a city foundation built on clay sediment, it […]

most dangerous factories
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Houston’s Most Dangerous Factories

When most people think of Houston, they immediately think of the oil and gas industry but that is not all that Houston has to offer. As the nation’s fourth largest city, it comes as no surprise that our city also has a thriving and diverse manufacturing trade. From steel, textiles, and digital tech to medical […]