Traffic In Houston

Traffic In Houston: The 10 Worst Roads and Highways

Houston is notorious for congested roads and highways that stretch for miles across the city. While some Houstonians may feel all local roadways deserve to make the list, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute compiled a list of Houston’s Top 10 worst roads and highways for traffic congestion. Although congestion can seem like a mere inconvenience, traffic can be brought on by serious motor vehicle accidents and can also be a contributing factor in additional collisions. Given the almost unavoidable frequency of vehicle travel, educating Houstonians on which roads and highways are most dangerous could help prevent accidents as well as decongest problematic routes.

Problem Areas

Truthfully, a driver would be hard pressed to travel across the city and not encounter a congested road or highway at any given time of day. Local traffic congestion is largely due to Houston’s size and sprawl; however, as a city home to numerous bustling industries and one of the largest and most active ports in the world, Houston roads and highways are always buzzing. This means everyday Houstonians must commute – sharing the road with large trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large work vehicles in addition to passenger vehicles and motorcyclists. Human emotion and driver error in frustrating bumper-to-bumper standstill traffic can become deadly for any combination of vehicles.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute lists the following as the worst areas for Traffic In Houston:

  1. Loop Fwy / IH 610
  2. Southwest Fwy / I-69
  3. Eastex Fwy / I-69 /US
  4. I-45 between I-10 and S. Loop Fwy / 610 South
  5. Katy Fwy between N. Eldridge Pkwy and SL-8 West
  6. Loop Fwy / 610 between I-45 North and Katy Fwy
  7. I-45 beween SL-8 North and 610 North
  8. I-10 between I-45 North and I-59
  9. Katy Fwy between SL-8 and 610 West
  10. Katy Fwy between 610 West and I-45 North

These roads and highways have long been notorious for ongoing construction, which can cause numerous accidents due to debris left on roads, unmarked or unclear change in lanes, as well as erratic driving behavior such as sudden lane changes. On top of this and in true Houston fashion, many of the listed roads lead outside of the city and into developing areas. This means that just because roads are unequipped for high frequency of travel (without proper guardrails, adequate lighting, etc.), this does not prevent a high volume of traffic from traveling on them. This can lead to serious car accidents that could be prevented with proper city planning and advanced warning to drivers of changes in course.

Houston Car Accident Attorneys

Driving is a way of life for most Texans; but for Houstonians, it’s integral. In order to navigate the city – for everything from daily errands to commuting to work – Houstonians are faced with numerous obstacles that range from construction woes to negligent drivers. Regardless of what road or highway they travel, no Houstonian should have to fear for their life when behind the wheel. All drivers can do their part to keep roads safe by planning ahead and practicing safe driving techniques. Unfortunately, serious car accidents still occur on a regular basis; and, when they do, it’s best to seek the counsel of the local Houston car accident attorneys of Adame Garza. Contact us today to discuss your case at no cost. There is limited time to act following a Texas car accident, so don’t delay.