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With limited protection from any impact, motorcyclists face increased risks on roads and highways. In 2018, nearly 5,000 motorcyclist fatalities occurred, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Fatal vehicle accidents like these are an unfortunate reality for many Texans, with motorcyclists being particularly susceptible to roadway dangers. Negligence is a large contributor to motorcycle accidents; and, even a moment of unsafe driving can endanger the lives of riders.

Las acciones negligentes que pueden causar un accidente de motocicleta incluyen las siguientes:

  • exceso de velocidad
  • conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol o las drogas
  • no ceder el paso ni obedecer las señales de tráfico
  • cambiar de carril sin verificar si hay motocicletas
  • conducir distraído por la música, los teléfonos móviles o los pasajeros

Cualquier accidente que involucre una motocicleta tiene el potencial de causar lesiones graves, ya que los conductores y los pasajeros suelen tener una protección muy limitada, aparte de los cascos. Incluso una colisión a baja velocidad podría hacer que una motocicleta patine y lastime gravemente al conductor o al pasajero. Aunque las chaquetas, los guantes y otros equipos pueden reducir algunos daños, los motociclistas aún están mucho más expuestos a lesiones que los ocupantes de vehículos cerrados.

Es importante que todos los motociclistas sean conscientes de los riesgos de lesiones y comprendan la seguridad de las motocicletas. Todo motociclista debe tener el equipo de seguridad adecuado. Si bien la ley de Texas exime a ciertos pasajeros de usar un casco, se aconseja usarlo, aunque ni el mejor casco puede proteger completamente a alguien de lesiones en la cabeza y traumatismos craneoencefálicos. No obstante, ciertamente puede reducir las posibilidades de sufrir una lesión que altere la vida.

Los motociclistas deben ser conscientes de que sus vehículos más pequeños son más difíciles de notar, especialmente en el mundo actual de la conducción distraída. Los motociclistas deben permanecer alerta y conscientes del tráfico que los rodea para que puedan reaccionar a tiempo si está a punto de ocurrir un choque. Al igual que con otros tipos de vehículos, los conductores nunca deben conducir sus motocicletas después de beber o consumir drogas. Incluso la conducción más defensiva no siempre puede prevenir accidentes de motocicleta, por lo que todos los conductores deben conocer sus derechos.

Lesiones por accidentes de motocicleta

Cuando ocurre un accidente de motocicleta, las víctimas pueden sufrir varias lesiones diferentes. La mayoría de las veces, los motociclistas o los pasajeros experimentan raspaduras o abrasiones en la carretera debido al contacto con la carretera. Aunque las lesiones en las partes inferiores del cuerpo son más comunes debido al peso de la motocicleta, las lesiones en la cabeza también son una preocupación importante, especialmente para aquellos que se rehúsan a usar un casco. Otras lesiones graves pueden incluir la fractura de huesos o del cráneo, traumatismo cerebral, lesión de la médula espinal y la fracturas vertebrales, entre otras.

The recovery from motorcycle accident injuries can place massive financial burdens on the shoulders of victims and their families via medical bills and other costs. Insurance companies may offer a seemingly large settlement to victims, but it’s imperative to ensure any payment accepted will fully cover all of the damages resulting from the incident. For example, a motorcyclist who fractures a vertebra in an accident may require months of physical therapy, special equipment such as a wheelchair, and long-term medications. They also may not be able to return to work for a long time, forgoing wages and other benefits. All of these costs add up more quickly than expected.

If crash does occur, the negligent party who caused the motorcycle accident should be held liable to help cover the victim’s costs. Most often, the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash is at fault. Sometimes, however, the incident can be caused by the city failing to maintain its roadways properly, causing a crash. Alternatively, a problem with the manufacturing or design or a motorcycle could also be to blame for any resulting injuries. An experienced Houston personal injury attorney can examine your situation to determine negligence and direct the process to obtain maximum compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

What is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents?

There are many common causes of motorcycle accidents, including driving under the influence, hazardous road conditions, and inclement weather. But the number one cause of motorcycle accidents in Texas is driver negligence. When a driver fails to see a motorcycle, is driving while distracted, fails to yield the right of way to a biker, or turns in front of a motorcyclist, they can quickly hit the motorcyclist and cause serious injuries or even kill the rider.

What happens when a car hits a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are significantly smaller than passenger vehicles which puts riders at great risk. When a car hits a motorcycle, it will almost always seriously damage the motorcycle and severely injure or kill the rider and/or passenger. Motorcycle riders can be thrown from their bikes when hit by a car and can fly through the air or skid across the ground, resulting in devastating injuries. Cars that hit motorcycles can also pin a rider between the car and a hard surface causing paralyzing injuries.

Is it worth hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Motorcycle accident lawyers are your best resource for making sure your needs are taken care of after being in a motorcycle crash. Those needs will vary depending on how injured you are and how much damage has been done to your motorcycle; however, no matter how minor or severe the situation, a motorcycle accident lawyer will have the experience and knowledge to guide you through this process. Insurance companies will often attempt to pay the smallest amount possible on your claim. An experienced trial lawyer will communicate with the insurance company and will fight for your rights as a victim. They will also gather evidence for your case and represent you in court.

What kind of injuries can you get from a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accident injuries are some of the most devastating, as the motorcycle rider is not protected and any part of their body can be injured. One of the most common injuries seen in motorcycle accidents is a traumatic brain injury. Even if the motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet, traumatic brain injuries can occur. From concussions to brain bleeds, traumatic brain injuries can be extremely severe. Other serious injuries a rider can suffer in a motorcycle accident include:

  • Spinal cord and nerve damage
  • Lower limb injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Road rash
  • Internal injuries and bleeding
  • Crushing injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations and disfigurement
  • Death
Who is liable in a motorcycle accident?

When it comes to determining who is liable in a motorcycle accident, it usually is governed by the law of “negligence.” Drivers have a duty of care to others on the road and must do their best to avoid injuring other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. If a driver is negligent and does not drive carefully, resulting in the injury of someone else, they may be help liable for the accident. A driver’s actions or inactions can be considered negligent if they fail to check a rear-view mirror, text while driving, or break the law by running a red light, for example. If they then hit a motorcycle, they would be legally responsible for the victim’s injuries.

What should I do after a motorcycle crash?

After a motorcycle crash, there are some very important steps you need to take to ensure you recover from your injuries as well as collect fair compensation for your damages. The first step is to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. This may mean calling emergency services after the accident. If you are physically able to, gather the contact information of anyone involved in the collision as well as photos and videos of the scene of the accident. Once you have documented all possible evidence, contact a motorcycle crash lawyer right away. They can help you communicate with the at fault party’s insurance company and ensure you get fair compensation for your damages.

Abogados de Texas especializados en accidentes de motocicleta

Determining an amount that will cover your present and future needs can be difficult. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle wreck, the Houston, Texas motorcycle accident lawyers at Adame Garza LLP can analyze the details of your situation, put your mind at ease, and seek out compensation on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your claim.