how many accidents are caused by semi trucks?
Accidentes de vehículos

How Many Accidents are Caused by Semi Trucks?

Every day, Houston drivers share the road with large semi trucks transporting cargo across Texas. These trucks, while essential to the state’s infrastructure, are consistently causing more accidents year after year. Approximately 500,000 semi truck accidents occur in the United States each year. These accidents are much more dangerous for smaller passenger vehicles when compared […]

Crane Accident
Accidentes laborales

Why Crane Accidents Are So Dangerous

The construction industry has a notorious reputation for dangerous working conditions and serious worker accidents. Construction workers are constantly expected to handle heavy loads, use complicated tools, work at great heights, and operate dangerous machinery – including cranes. Cranes are essential in the construction industry for heavy lifting and can make moving large loads significantly […]

Scaffolding Safety
Accidentes laborales

What to Know About Scaffolding Accidents and Injuries

Many construction sites utilize scaffolding to allow their workers to reach and work safely at great heights. Scaffolding is usually constructed before the actual construction project begins and will remain in place throughout the duration of the project. Construction scaffolding – when assembled correctly and used properly – can protect workers; however, workplace accidents do […]