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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Road trips are synonymous with summertime and open roads. We are currently living through a global pandemic, a national economic downturn, and a plethora of uncertainties. As such, the quintessential American road trip is more attractive than ever for those who have been cooped inside their homes for the last four months. Whether it’s driving to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or traveling to the Hill Country to float, Texas will likely see an increase in motor vehicles on the road this summer as residents seek a change of scenery.  Texans can do their part and help reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities caused by car accidents this summer by practicing the following summer road safety tips.

Service Your Vehicle

Servicing your vehicle is more important now than ever if you’re considering a road trip. Many drivers have significantly decreased their vehicle usage since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. While less frequent use of vehicles has its benefits, including paying for less gas and servicing, missed maintenance can turn a vehicle deadly. Routine maintenance and inspection are not only vital to a vehicle’s ability to function but they also help catch problems that could cause a dangerous breakdown on the road. A breakdown can be extremely dangerous to all occupants, as passing vehicles are traveling at high speeds, making their collision with a stalled vehicle catastrophic. Additionally, attempting to repair or service a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road (even for a simple tire change) can lead to unfortunate pedestrian-related car accidents.

Before your family takes off on a summer road trip, check this list of service items:

  • Examine all tires (including spare) and alignment
  • Check and top-off all fluids
  • Check and perform an adequate brake test
  • Check battery charge level
  • Check exhaust system for optimized fuel efficiency and proper ventilation of engine exhaust fumes

Plan Your Route

Far too often accidents occur due to preventable actions like checking navigation or a sudden change in course. Before taking off on a long drive, it’s recommended that travelers plan out their routes, including gas stations, rest stops, and any other tourist attractions along the way. Having a clear and concise plan will not only help travelers maintain their schedule, but it will also keep drivers aware of upcoming changes in direction, leaving them more able to focus on the road and those with whom they share it.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Drivers can take an active part in roadway safety by always remaining focused on the road and their surroundings. As friends and families embark on summertime travels, paying attention to road and traffic signs is more crucial than ever. Road trips often include areas drivers are unaccustomed to driving, which can quickly turn a road trip into a catastrophic auto-pedestrian accident.

Pedestrians and cyclists have taken to trails and roads across the country for not only exercise but for a change of pace. As road trippers enjoy their summer adventures, the safety of pedestrians and cyclists depends on those drivers following traffic laws in order to avoid auto-pedestrian accidents. Drivers should always allow for adequate and proper distance between their vehicles and cyclists and/or pedestrians sharing the road, as well as always yield to pedestrians and remain cautious when making maneuvers such as left turns that are common causes of accidents.

Houston Car Accident Attorneys

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, and while our views may be altered due to current events, drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists should still be able to safely enjoy and partake in summertime traditions like road trips. If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a car accident, please reach out to the Houston car accident attorneys at Adame Garza to learn more about how we can help today.