Car Surfing

Texas Teen Dies After Car Surfing Incident at School

Certain behaviors of high school and even college students, though dangerous, are often labeled as a rite of passage. Though these instances are often dangerous, many young students see them as a way to prove themselves to their peers. Unfortunately, however, immature actions can often in bodily injury or even death. One Texas teen recently lost his life after attempting to car surf on his high-school campus.

Klein, Texas has been in mourning since a young student died after attempting to car surf in his high school parking lot. The young 17-year old student was airlifted to a local hospital after landing on his head on the front of the car. The resulting severe injuries were the result of another teenage driver rapidly speeding up and suddenly braking with him on the vehicle hood. This sent the victim into the air and onto the front of the car. He died just two days later.

The Dangers of Car Surfing

Car surfing is an incredibly dangerous activity among teens that has been around for many years. Car surfing occurs when one person ‘surfs’ or rides on top of a car, while another drives it. Though many teens may think this activity is harmless, especially when done at a very low speed, the fact is that if someone is thrown from a vehicle traveling at speeds as low as five miles per hour, they can be catastrophically injured or killed. Serious brain injuries are incredibly common in accidents caused by car surfing.

Though there is no official tracking of car surfing injury or death statistics, a CDC study of newspaper clippings of reported car surfing instances from 1990 to 2008 found 58 teens died from car surfing and another 41 were injured.

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