Forklift Accident

Fatal Houston Forklift Accident

It is no secret that the manufacturing and construction industries are dangerous. Whether it’s construction workers, pedestrians, or drivers, nearby construction sites cause a variety of dangers for a variety of people. Unfortunately, this reality became even more apparent in our city when a recent forklift accident killed a man working on a job site in Southeast Houston.

According to news reports, two men were operating the forklift on a job site earlier this month, with one at the wheel and one in the bucket. The man in the bucket died during the job, and investigators are inspecting the incident to determine exactly what happened.

Dangers of Forklifts

Operating any type of heavy machinery can be dangerous, and operating a forklift in particular is like operating a unique car. It takes series focus, knowhow, and skill. According to OSHA, nearly 70 percent of forklift accidents can be prevented with proper training and understanding of safety procedures. Unfortunately, some worksites don’t take the time to appropriately educate workers on safety measures, possible violations, and potential threats.

When workers are poorly trained or are not prepared to handle unexpected conditions, serious accidents can ensue. Some of the most common hazards that contribute to forklift accidents include:

  • Too heavy of a load on the forklift
  • Load is poorly stacked or unstable
  • Driving forklift at excessive speed
  • Improper turning, braking, or backing up techniques
  • Obstructions or blind spots for forklift drivers
  • Inadequate servicing and forklift malfunctions
  • Pedestrians crowding the worksite
  • Poor worksite conditions, such as severe weather, dust, and/or poor lighting

When these hazards are present, it can lead to life-threatening accidents, some of the most common of which are forklift overturns, falls from the forklift, and workers or pedestrians being struck by forklifts.

Workplace Accident Help

It is absolutely necessary that forklift operators get the proper training in order to safely and smartly operate the machine. Unfortunately, poor conditions or negligent workers can cause accidents that might involve you but were completely out of your control. If you need help determining fault and recovering damages from a workplace accident, we can help. Contacto the workplace accident attorneys at Adame Garza LLP for a free case evaluation today.