Any trip onto the road can lead to a disaster when other drivers are negligent. Speeding, drunk driving, texting, and a host of other dangerous behaviors could leave you and your loved ones in dire need of medical assistance and facing massive financial burdens after a motor vehicle accident. With the help of an attorney, you can seek to hold the negligent party responsible and accountable for their actions.

Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

With busy roads, rapid growth in Texas cities, and constant construction, it is no wonder accidents involving pedestrians are so prevalent in our state.

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Bicycle Accidents

From Buffalo Bayou and Memorial Park, to Towne Lake and Terry Hershey Park, Houstonians have more than 1,800 miles of bike trails and paths to roam and explore.

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Bus Accidents

As the use of public transportation steadily grows, people are relying more on buses to get them to and from their destinations.

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Car Accidents

Any simple errand or task that requires you to drive on any road in America could potentially lead to a serious accident.

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Distracted Driving

Whether you’re running errands or just enjoying a Sunday drive, getting behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous if you come in contact with a distracted driver.

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Drunk Driving

Choosing to drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol puts everyone on the road at risk, and displays gross negligence with regard to the safety of others.

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METRO Accidents

It’s no surprise Houstonians must do a lot of driving in order to traverse the sprawling city.

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Motorcycle Accidents

With limited protection from any impact, motorcyclists face increased risks on roads and highways.

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Ride Sharing Accidents

As the landscape of our roads and highways changes, so do trends for the drivers who traverse it.

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Scooter Accidents

Chances are you’ve either seen riders or have ridden on an electric scooter in recent years.

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Truck Accidents

Texas is no stranger to the trucking industry, with its myriad of highways and central position in the country it is very often driven through on a trucker’s route.

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