Many industries carry the potential for workplace accidents, but all workers are entitled to a reasonably safe workplace. If a company, supervisor, or other party contributes to workers' injuries, they may be liable. Workers may believe they are covered by workers' compensation, but the reality is that Texas laws could leave you paying out of pocket without the help of a workplace accident lawyer.

Construction Accidents

Texans are no stranger to construction, with new buildings and renovations in constant demand.

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Although electrocutions may sound like an infrequent occurrence in the workplace, the use of electric power in most tasks, particularly in industrial fields, puts many workers at risk of electrocution if due diligence is not observed.

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Heavy Machinery Accidents

Many essential industries rely on the use of heavy machinery to complete tasks that would not be feasible for individual workers.

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Industrial Accidents

Although a wide range of industrial jobs are necessary to complete a variety of tasks, workers who fill roles – such as manning chemical plants and warehouses – face an increased risk of injuries on the job.

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Refinery & Plant Explosions

It’s no secret that Texas produces a heavy portion of not just the country’s but the world’s oil and gas resources.

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Oilfield Accidents

As the oil and gas industry continues to grow across the globe, thousands of Americans are fill a wide range of positions within it.

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Workplace Vehicle Accidents

Many industries rely on the use of large vehicles and trucks to complete tasks ranging from transporting products to demolishing buildings.

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